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TT RGB Plus_Setup_1.1.7_x86


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can you confirm you windows is up to date 

also normally before it gets to installing microsoft visual c++ 2015 it tends to finish the rgb plus software install. can you see if the rgb plus software will even launch without that version of c++ 2015

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If you already have the Redistributable installed, then you do not need it, as it is already installed. 

What you can do is uninstall it, then run the software to reinstall it, it will not reinstall over the top, "Microsoft"

Also, that CD-Rom thing, first I have seen it, what OS are you using???

Share your system specs as well, we can take a look.

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Apologies for the delayed response. Here is some good news tough. Just installed a brand new Riing 14 Plus 5 fan pack I ordered from Amazon. The controller was very new in that the power cable was not attached and the fan ports are embossed with number 1 through 5. The are working with the software (version 1.2.0.F2.03) as expected. I have a RMA for the three older controllers and hopefully they will be like these new controllers.
ROG Zenith Extreme with Threadriper 1950X.
Fan 1 & 2 are displayed behind fans 3,4,5. To bring fans 1&2 forward just click on the gray area in the back. 



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