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I bought the mouse but have problem to downlad the gaming software. there is no software to download. it said folder doesnt exist.

Edit: after 5 times it finaly start the downlaod problem solved :)


So the Gaming Software 3.0 produce now Bluescreen instantly after i start the programm! Ulib.dll is missing, the exe and the uninstall exe doesnt work. it says they are damaged re install doesnt help. 2.0 was running but crashing often withou bluescreens. Crashcode: SYTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION cldlt.sys

any solutions?

Win10 64 Bit only the gameing sofortware is crashing everyxthing else is forking fine without problems. fresh installed windows some weeks ago.

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Hope this is suitable to post here - I have just created an account but cannot log in to customer support at present - are they separate accounts?

I have just bought a Talon Elite RGB and use Win7 64bit. The mouse works well but the driver, 'gaming software v3.0' constantly stops running and will not save the lighting configuration. It just chooses something random. The DPI settings do save however. The software updated the mouse firmware to the latest version.

I have tried compatibility options, making the driver exempt from virus scanner, installing as admin.... It simply will not run in the background for more than a minute and when closing a different lighting scheme kicks in.


Any suggestions welcome. Hopefully I can log into support later and ask the same question.


As a side note I had a razor mouse for years and not one bit of trouble with the drivers.  It eventually failed, so I went and got a ROCCAT mouse. The 'SWARM' software refused to install or update. Returned the ROCCAT  and got the TALON, only to have the driver decide to run for a few minutes at a time! Not having much luck here, lol.

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Still cannot log into customer service  so cannot send my query there......


Anyone else experience crashes with the Gaming software V3?  I note V3 has notes indicating minimization issues are fixed but this does not appear to be the case.

Hey - it is a good mouse, these issues only make setting a lighting scheme a bit tricky.

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Well - another update for Gaming software to v3.03 and no difference to its stability. Software simply does not work on Win7. When it crashes the mouse will revert to a random lighting scheme. Cannot work out how to make my chosen light scheme 'stick.'


Think I'll go back to Razor - The Talon driver simply does not work.

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