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TT RGB Riing Applications


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I am new to TT, but am impressed by what I see so far. My View 71 arrives tomorrow to replace my View 37. 

By following the latest video, I managed to daisy chain the controllers and have almost everything working. I have an issue with the Mobile App. The video only skims over the top and doesn't go into it.

The first issue I had was installing the RGB Plus app. I am running Win10 Pro 64bit and it comes up with an error when trying to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 as Windows has a more recent version installed already. Maybe this is causing the problem with the Riing Plus App for the phone. 

To start with the application is unable to find the fans on the network. Both the mobile and my desktop are on the same network; however, down the bottom of the desktop application it comes up with a totally different i.p. address. It is not even my WAN i.p. address.

Down the bottom of the desktop app in the bottom right corner it comes up with my desktop name, which is correct, it says it's server connected, but the i.p. shown is:

My network starts with the generic 192.168...... and the WAN starts with 101.....

I have left a message with support but have no answer.

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