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IPA Library Download for iPhone X Tutorial

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Because of the lack of updates to Cydia in recent times, more and more iOS users are turning to other external app stores for their tweaked and modified apps and games. One of the very best, one that offers a huge range of content is called IPA Library - https://ipa-library.com

What is IPA Library ?

IPA Library is a third-party iOS app installer that provides a huge selection of apps and games. Everything in IPA Library is an IPA file and there are thousands to go through – plenty of modified games and tweaked apps, and lots of other apps too. It doesn’t need Cydia and it is compatible with iOS 7 up to iOS 12.

IPA Library Features :

  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly interface
  • No need to jailbreak
  • Compatible with all devices on iOS 7 - iOS 12
  • Thousands of iOS IPA files to choose from
  • Tweaked apps like Spotify++, Snapchat++, Instagram++ and more
  • Modified games like Minecraft PE and Pokémon Go
  • Some Cydia tweaks, including games emulators
  • Updated with new file regularly
  • Developer updates to apps come through IPA Library
  • Plenty more features

What Are IPA Files ?

IPA files are nothing more than iOS app files. Much like the Android APK files, they are a requirement for downloading apps onto a device and they act as a container to store all the bits of data that go into the app. Every IPA file is structured in exactly the same way – an artwork file for the app icon, information about the app and the developer in a .plist file and the all-important Payload folder, where all the information and data about the app are stored. When you download external apps like IPA Library, you must have the most up to date iTunes version because, although it isn’t used for the installation, that is where the IPA files are stored.

Download IPA Library :

Downloading IPA Library is really quite simple. It isn’t an official app store app; there is no way that Apple would ever allow an app of this kind into their store, but you can follow our step by step download guide to get IPA Library onto your iPhone or iPad:

IPA Library isn’t quite as in-depth as Cydia but it does have a more than modest number of files for us to download. With regular updates, it will always have the very latest apps and games. For more updates and recommendations you can follow us on Facebook.

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