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The farm-to-table process is easily manageable with Effitrac ERP Software


Food Industry  

  1. 1. Why would you prefer to choose ERP Software for food industry?

    • To manage the workload
    • To manage the supply chain
    • To track the inventory

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Let it be the quality checks or inventory control, effitrac is the silver bullet to manage all the activities of the food industry. Get Started for Free effitrac is supportive towards all your Food industry requirements

We have a number of clients who belong to the food industry in India. We are completely aware of the troubles that they face in the farm-to-table rotation. With Food industry being the tough point for the traders, we are here to offer them the best trading software solution through which they can handle their inventory management, process manufacturing and supply chainmanagementwithoutmany worries. It is quite easy to maintain the right track on the supply chain management, raw material procurement and much more with effitrac. We are here to understand, analyze and in turn put efforts to offer you the best ever ERP Software recipe. 

What are the features of ERP Software? 

Control of marketing and sales team

Manage all the activities of your sales and marketing team. Integrate all the options and keep track of their performance with the advanced dashboards and reports.

Control of the movement of goods and stocks

Track all the goods and stock in real time with effitrac ERP Solutions. Know what are the inventory requirements.

Billing solutions using mobile offline and online solutions 

Direct synchronization of the data to your server. Make better use of the billing and accounting options which are mandatory for the food industry. Configurable, easy and portable printer solutions Connect the printer to your mobile device easily. Handle all the printing options within a fraction of seconds. Configure it according to your desired format. 

Tracking your salesperson based on the geographical location

Tracking the salesperson invariably based on their geographical location is possible with effitrac ERP Software. The end-to-end communication is here to enable you to make better decisions.

VAT/GST enabled Billing and Accounting 

Our VAT/GST enabled Billing and Accounting Software will enable you to manage all your Billing and Accounting easily, and always be VAT/GST ready.


Simple maintenance of a number of recipes 

Store a number of varieties of recipes and manage the data in a safe and secure manner. The recipes can be downloaded and assembled in a proper manner. Hence it can be used whenever required by the Food management team. Our teams will be able to check the recipes properly and modify it if necessary at any point in time.

Better quality analysis 

Always stay prepared for any sudden quality checks. Always stay QA checksreadywitheffitrac special module for the food industry. By staying ready for QA checks and QA audits, you will be able to make the maximum out of the Quality analysis.

Easier import and export processes 

Facilitate easier, efficient and smoother processes while handling imports and exports. effitrac enables you to enable simpler and easier import and export processes, thus taking your business to the next level in an efficient manner without any struggles.

Adherence to food packaging protocols 

With a number of food packaging protocols in mind, we always keep track of it for you and offer solutions to it. Thus by making use of the food packaging protocols, businesses will be able to adhere to the rules and regulations and thus take better protocol enabled decisions.

Connect Anytime, at anywhere 

We offer you with our customized, smart app, with which you can connect with your team and ensure proper processes. Thus you can be assured that the processes take place in a proper manner without any doubts. Our Mobile App lets you connect in both online as well as offline mode. 

VAT / GST Compliant 

The VAT/GST enabled ERP Software is here to help you in generating more bills which are based on the VAT/GST charges. By enabling VAT/GST compliant Billing and Accounting solutions, you can be assured that your business is always at the right track in terms of financial compliances.

Enable effitrac for a better solution for the food industry. With effitrac, you can manage all the compliances related to food industry with much easier processes. Contact us if you are looking forward to knowing more about the services we offer to the food industry.  


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