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Ana Kinkade

There are Many iCloud Removal Tools Applications. So, How Do They Work?

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iCloud Removal Tool

Through this series of articles, we have discussed many different tools for mobile devices. Especially, the tools and accessories for iOS devices. Therefore, now you may have a good idea of different device management tools for the iOS devices as well as some tools designed especially of the Android devices. 

Today also, we will see another series of applications that must be useful to you if you are an iOS device user. Therefore, today our topic of discussion would be, iCloud Removal Tool. 

However, before discussing the iCloud Removal Tool applications, we should see why we would need the ICloud removal Tools in the first place. 

What is iCloud? 

First of all, we should discuss the iCloud, Cloud storage and its security mechanisms. If you are using an Apple iOS device or if you are using a Mac device, then you must be familiar with the iCloud Account. 

ICloud is cloud storage of the Apple Inc. They own and maintain this storage service. Every Apple device user has an iCloud account. They use their Apple Id and Passcode to log in to this storage and backup all their important data so that they can access them from anywhere in the world. 

But, why would you need iCloud Removal Tools? There is a special security feature in the iOS devices called Find My Phone. Once, this feature is activated, then you cannot access your device without the proper Apple account credentials. 

This may be activated by the owner of the device is lost or stolen. Thereby, the device becomes completely unusable. However, if you buy a second-hand device, that may already be iCloud locked. 

This is where iCloud Removal Tools become useful for you.  

What are iCloud Removal Tools?

There are many iCloud removal tools applications. So, how do they work?

If you buy an iCloud locked device or if you get accidentally locked out of your own device, then to access the data in your device and to use the device you need to find a good solution. 

There are many really good iCloud Removal Tools developed. Most of these are licensed applications, meanwhile, some provide you with a trial version for 30 days. 

Some of the iCloud removal tools are actually iCloud removal Services. They are online services, through which for an unlocking fee, you can let them unlock your iOS device for you.  

However, downloadable tools are more reliable because of the security concerns of the Sensitive data in your device. 

One such very reliable tools are Dr Fone Unlock. It is part of the Dr Fone Toolkit to manage the iOS devices. It can be installed to your Windows or Mac PC. Then connect your iOS device which is locked to the PC. After that you can easily unlock the device. But, it is not possible to unlock all the types of iPhones. Only some of the recent versions can be unlocked using the iCloud Removal Tools like Dr Fone

Most of these tools use, IMEI number of the device to remove the iCloud permanently. 

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