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We everyone like to watch movies all the time. But we can’t go to the cinema every day with our busy lifestyle. So most the people are trying to watch their favorite movies at home through their Smartphone and Tablets. Even though we can’t download every kind of movie as we want. Because there isn’t any trusted method to download movies from the internet. So in this story, I’m going to introduce one of the most trusted and effective online video download application for mobile devices. This Vidmate movies app will be the best option you have left. You may already use so many different online video providers so far on your Smartphone or Tablet. But this Vidmate application is a very special one with full of brand new technology that any alternative doesn’t.


Basically, Vidmate app is a video download application for Android OS running Smartphones and Tablets. This is a free application for both install and uses to download from the internet. So you can use this application download any movie, video, image, audio file or even Android application and the mobile game too. And this app has a special ability to download heavy files up to 2GB. And it can download these files within just a few minutes with the fast downloading feature.

Specific features on the Vidmate Movie Downloader

HD video download

You can use the app to download any video format. Downloading high definition videos is a very simple thing for the Vidmate video downloader. This feature will help you to choose the best video format for your devices.

Direct downloads

You can use this app a web browser. So this will help you to make direct downloads very easily through the app. This is a great advantage for you to download your favorite videos and movies from one place.

Online TV

This is the speciality of the Vidmate online video download app. You can watch your favorite TV shows live without buffering at anywhere. It doesn’t need a high-speed internet connection. 2G network is more than enough for it.

Multiple downloads

When you have a bunch of file list such as TV series, video tutorial you can download all those files together. Yes, this app Vidmate free downloader can download several files at the same time.

Pause and resume

This is a common feature on all the type of download apps. But Vidmate download feature has some different facilities. Generally in other download apps’, you can’t exit from the app while downloading a file or keep paused files on the app. But Vidmate has the ability to keep any paused file for such a long time and resume it without restarting the download.

How to download Vidmate app

This can easily download from its own official website. But you must enable the Unknown Resources of your Android device. Then you can install the app after you download the Vidmate Apk file from the official website.

When it finished the installation it will add an icon to your list. So this means the Vidmate application is ready to use on your device.

Vidmate Download.png

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I think Tubemate is a more popular application. Tubemate supports downloading videos from Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter ... Tubemate is published by well-known software company Devian Studio. You can view details at DevianStudio.net homepage

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