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Maximum Riing Plus RGB fans that can be connected to the TT Sync Controller TT Premium Edition?

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Please, who can help,
I have a maximus x hero motherboard, which has a 5v Aura Addressable Header, plugged into it I have a TT Sync Controller TT Premium 
Edition with 9 inputs for PLUS series products, and in it I have connected 5 Riing Plus RGB fans, and I would like to buy a 
Thermaltake Floe RGB 360 AIO that comes with 3 more fans riing RGB and rgb of the pump, totaling 7 fans Riing Plus RGB and the pump, 
as the control has 9 inputs for devices, there would still be one input.
But I was worried to see on the website of Thermaltake the following information:

* The max. rated current of the SATA port 5A. To avoid causing damage to the port, the TT Sync Controller is allowed to be connected
1. Up to 4 Riing Trio fans while adding other PLUS series products.
2. Up to 5 Riing Trio fans without connecting other PLUS series products.

From what I understand the maximum number of fans that can be connected to the control are 4 and another PLUS product or 5 without 
adding more PLUS products.
Thermaltake warns that such a restriction is not to damage the port.
Anyone know if this really does? If there really is a chance of damaging the port?
Thank you to anyone who can clarify this doubt.

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