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Is the Sync fan controller dangerous?

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I’m looking to build a RGB synced (as best as possible) PC and I’ve really fallen for the thermaltake pro fans they look beautiful. But I digress 

My question is if the  fan controller is gonna try to draw to much power from the motherboard. My motherboard of choice is the MSI Gaming carbon pro ac. 

My fan set up would be 2 200mm (for pushing air through the case), 3 or 4 140mm (2 for the rad 1 or 2 to vent air) 
All of which from the way I understand how the controller works would be running off 1, 5 volt connection on the motherboard 

Same question for the JRainbow connection which would control all of the addressable RGB of those fans 

I know this is probably a dumb question but it’s my first build and I certainly don’t want to burn out anything on my motherboard in my near $2000 computer

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Are you talking about the 9 port TT Sync controller to control the lights with motherboard software via the 5V RGB header? Only the fan lights are powered and controlled from that. You will have to plug additional 4pin PWM headers between the TT Sync controller and fan headers on the motherboard to power and control the fans. The fans will then be controlled via BIOS.

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