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Michelle Peter

Emus4U App Download Safe ? ( 2019 Update )

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Cydia is failing fast. We haven’t had any updates for some time now and we don’t expect to get any more in the foreseeable future so what do iOS jailbreakers do now that they can’t get their Cydia tweaks and apps? Well, the answer lies in an unofficial app installer called Emus4U - https://emus4u.app . One of many Cydia alternatives, this has proven to be very popular because it offers so much content; not just apps and games, but some of the best Cydia tweaks too, including some of the top games emulators. However, because it is not an official app, there are those that ask how safe it is to use.


Is Emus4U Safe ?

Yes, the Emus4U download is incredibly safe to use. In fact, it has proven to be one of the safest ever and there are a number of reasons why this is.

  1. Before it was released to the public, the developers put their app installer through some of the strictest tests ever, testing for security and safety. Emus4U has been declared free from any security issues and malware, is very safe to use and will not interfere in any adverse way with any other service or app on your device. Plus it is regularly updated so you rest assured it will always be safe.
  2. Because it does not need to break through the security that surrounds the iOS firmware, it is much safer. It cannot modify or otherwise interfere with any security feature or protocol on your device or in the firmware and this means your device is not opened to potential security threats like it is with jailbreaking. The same goes with apps, tweaks, and games in the installer – they cannot gain root access either.
  3. Emus4U is closely monitored by the developers; not only are they taking your security and safety very seriously, but they also have their own reputation to guard. If any app or game is found to contain malware or is in any other way insecure, they will remove it immediately; they also update the app installer regularly to keep it safe.

Download Emus4U :


You can Download Emus4U from the link here.

I Still Don’t Know !

All we can do is tell you that the Emus4U download is safe to use. All we can do is tell you that it is highly secure and that your data, your device and you are safe when you use it. Not everyone will be reassured by this and if you really don’t want to take any risks by installing unofficial apps and games on your iPhone, iPod or iPad, then the answer is simple – don’t install it. If you already have installed it and have concerns about its safety, the answer is even simpler – delete it. You can do this is seconds and there will be no upheaval to any other app or service on your device – your iPhone, iPad or iPod will go back to exactly as it was before you installed the installer.  Check out the guide on how to delete Emus4U from your device on the website.

In all fairness, Emus4U is used by millions of people the world over and there have been very few problems reported. Those that we have heard of are nothing to do with the app installer itself; instead, they revolve around Untrusted Developer error messages which can easily be fixed.

One of the easiest, smoothest and safest of all the Cydia alternatives, you don’t have anything to lose by downloading Emus4U so go ahead and try it; delete it if you don’t like it and follow us on Facebook for more updates.

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After installing CotoMovies it worked fine for a while. This was a new up to date version But stopped working   THEN INSTALLED OLDER VERSION  SAME AGAIN. NOW  BOTH EM4US AND COTOMOVIES DONT WORK  HAVE TRIED RE INSTALLING  BUT  COTO  COMES UP WII TAKE A WHILE   PLEASE CAN YOU HELP ME 

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