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Michelle Peter

Is TweakBox Download Safe ? 2019 Update

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At one time, almost every iOS user could download Cydia and install any number of tweaks, modifications, and more on their iOS devices. That is no longer the case because Cydia is seeing fewer updates as each year passes and that situation doesn’t look set to change anytime soon. With each update, the security that Apple includes puts more hurdles in the way of a jailbreak being developed and this has left users with no option but to look elsewhere for their content. Some Cydia alternatives have been released over the last few months but the best by far is one called TweakBox https://tweakbox.store ). It offers a selection of Cydia tweaks, and thousands of apps and games, many tweaked with new features. However, it is an unofficial app and that begs the question, just how safe is it ? 

Is TweakBox Safe to Use ?

The answer to that question is a resounding yes. The developers of TweakBox have put an awful lot of work into their app installer, taking several months just to develop it. It has been tested at every stage, very rigorously, to ensure it is safe and reliable. The upshot is that the installer is free of malware, will not cause any security issues on your device and will keep you and your data perfectly safe. It is worth knowing that it also went through a strict period of beta testing before it was released to the public too.

TweakBox will not interfere with anything else on your device, it will not take all your resources and the developers also keep it updated on a regular basis, fixing any issues as they arise and adding new content. One other very important factor in ensuring the safety of the installer is that it doesn’t require a jailbreak to work. Where Cydia can only work by breaking into the root of the iOS, TweakBox doesn’t need to do that; that means your device is not open to the security risks that jailbreaking brings. However, there is a downside and that is that the installer has no way of offering the same kind of feature and functionality that Cydia does.

Last but not least, the developers want nothing more than to ensure your security and, in doing so, securing and maintaining their own good reputation. If they were to release an installer that was nothing but trouble their reputation would be shot down in flames. Right now, millions of users across the world are using TweakBox without any issues at all and it is proving to be the safest, most reliable app installer of all time.

Not Convinced ?

We can do nothing more than tell you how the developers have made TweakBox safe but if you really are not convinced of its safety then just don’t install it. You can delete it very easily though without interfering with anything else on your device so it’s worth trying it at least. If you do decide to delete it, you can easily delete TweakBox App

You really don’t have anything to lose by installing TweakBox and giving it a go. It’s completely free, it is safe to use, it is very reliable and it offers so much content that every user will find something to suit them. And because it will cost you nothing but time to try, it is worth a go. Deleting it is simple if you can't get on with it so download it today and don’t forget to tell us what you think of it. For more updates and news you can follow us on Facebook.

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