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Thermaltake commander ft fan controller question


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I’m currently in the process of building a new rig in “the tower 900” 

my goal is to use the 5.25 bay as a fan controller and use 16 fans to create a push pull config on the radiators 

my question is can I group 4 fans in to 1 of the controls ports?

If I can what do you recommend?

the config I’m looking to achieve is 

channel 1: group of 4 fans on left radiator in pull config

channel 2: group of 4 fans on left radiator in push config

channel 3: group of 4 fans on right radiator  in push config

channel 4: group of 4 fans on right radiator in pull config

channel 5: case fans


if its not possible to achieve this any suggestions are more than welcome 

The reason I’m planning on using so many fans is i can run them half speed for a quieter setup



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I have TT Tower 900, love this case, as for your question, I don't think you can use 1 port to control 4 fans, i did a very close setup as to what you are trying to do, I would just get the extra contoller and use 2x controller (in push) use "profile" 1 on those controllers, then 2x controllers (in pull) use "profile" 2 on those controllers just make sure to connect both  top fans in PULL to port 1 on  1 & 2 controller and both second to top fans in port 2 on 1&2 controller so would look like this 


controller 1: port #1 Top LEFT outside       2nd LEFT outside (PORT#2)  and so on

controller 2: port #1 Top Right outside      2nd RIGHT outside (PORT#2) and so on


controller 3: port #1 Top LEFT Inside        2nd LEFT inside (PORT#2)  and so on

controller 4: port #1 Top RIGHT inside      2nd RIGHT inside (PORT#2)  and so on


This way controller 1 &2 are your PULL fans and controller 3&4 are your PUSH fans

and you would NOT need the fan controller and can use the " TT RGB Software" if you use the Riing Fans ...... normal FANS will require a Fan Controller

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