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Air cooling a gaming PC in 2018

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Hello everyone,,

I am a noob at building PCs. I've owned 2 PCs in my life so far, both built for me and both very mid-range.

In the process of researching parts for my new PC and basically i want to know - in 2018 is it viable (and more importantly, advisable) to build an air-cooled gaming PC?

I've read probably 70 threads/articles/pieces and 10 videos on the matter but I can't seem to get a definitive yes or no...

The question is meant to be a general question, Appvalley CyberGhostExpressVPN but just to provide some context to my situation: I'm building a mid-ish range gaming PC. My biggest constraint is the price. I'm looking at a 1060 and a i5 8400 at the moment. The reason this is such a big factor to me is that I love the NZXT H440 look and would really like to get that case, but now I've been scared into thinking I'm going to fry my components if I try to air-cool only in that case?

I know there are tons of variables and all the components make a difference too, but I just want to know if - generally speaking - air cooling a gaming PC is advisable? And if it is, is it possible in the NZXT H440 without being risky?

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