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Default RGB mode for FLOE 360 TT Premium

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Quick question.

There is a default mode to RGB on my FLOE 360 Premium AIO unit that I want to change. Now right now way it works is like this. Immediate right after power on default "Spinning" of RGM lights are on my unit and they only change after Windows loads TT RGB Plus Software with profile for the unit and only then it looks like what I want it to be.

Here is the question, and I know it's possible because I've done it BUT.... keep reading. 

I want to change default RGB profile on the unit. Basically after power on I want it to behave a specific way. Let's say something simple ALL green on 3 fans and CPU pump. How do i do it ? In reality I want to have CPU Temp profile to be active at all times because right now it's only when program is running and thats sucks because if I close it or better yet working in BIOS, or Ubuntu or somewhere not in windows, it's default spinning is killing me.


Now reason I know it's possible because I have TT Premium Sync controller that I used instead of controller that came with unit and I managed to permanently program RGB to whatever I wanted, bummer is that I couldn't get any reading from 3 fans, no speed or RPM, I could only do color. But on boot or in Ubuntu I had same color profile instead of default without running anything in the background. So like I said before if I wanted to I could of made everything green even while I am in BIOS messing with settings.

So, how do I keep RGB settings in the memory permanently (unless TT RGB Plus overwrites them)

Thanks !

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