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What cheap variable DC bench power supply have you used (or own)?

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From time to time in various subreddits, newbies ask for tips to find a cheap variable DC bench power supply that plugs into wall AC. We can easily find links, but that's not the same as actually owning or using them.


If you would like feedback on an item you don't own, please post a link.

Preference is NEW products. We can discuss classic old products too, but used items have the downside of unknown problems before purchasing from EBAY. Some old HP power supplies are great deals.

Preference is lower price products https://ovo.fyi/xvideos/ ovo.fyi/xnxx/ovo.fyi/chaturbate/ that newbies can easily afford. Please keep shipping costs in mind too.

We all understand that low price products aren't as great as expensive products, so please keep "captain obvious" harping to yourself.

Please don't post the following items:

Doesn't have a case.

Doesn't plug into wall AC.

Doesn't have 2 meters: voltmeter and ammeter.

How to build your own. (another topic)

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