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Differentiation Between Thermaltake Riing Fans

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Hello everyone,

So I put together a new build and this time I decided to go with a more flashy build seeing as how the motherboard is all lit up as well. I just need to know if I have the differentiation between Thermaltake's Riing fans correct:

Riing Plus - This is the newest version and will not work with older Riing RGB controllers correct? It has the what I would call newer Thermaltake logo (two white Ts).

Riing RGB - This is the older version, will not work with the newer Riing Plus controllers and has the more classic Thermaltake logo (Fireball looking thing).

Are these the only two iterations of the RGB fans they have? Or is there another one I'm missing. I wish they would have made a better distinction between the two fans if they don't work together as that would have saved me 50 bucks. Oh well, guess I should have researched closer.

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