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How to fix if Adobe Flash Player not Working

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How many of you love animation and mainly gaming and all those stuff? I am one of those and I do work on adobe flash through chrome. And I majorly face one issue in it and that is adobe flash player not working on chrome. I irrevocably get angry at these time and I feel my day not be complete without taking few minutes to work on adobe flash player. But rather than being worried I found the way by contacting the customer service and these are just the basic first aid you can do for repairing the issue but even after this, you face then you have to contact the google chrome customer service.

Steps to fix the adobe flash player

1. First, you have to check the version of Chrome and also the abode flash player and make sure whether either version is compact with each other.

2. The next step is that you have to ensure that you are connected to a proper internet connection.

3. Then make sure you have installed the adobe version over your chrome properly and without omitting any of its need.

4. After that, you have to once restart your device to make sure you are not having the problem because of any sudden hanging issue or something so, etc.

5. When the above steps are done but still you face issue then you have to try another way out of it that is you have to simply delete the data and cache from your history of chrome for once so that the junks don’t create any problem

6. You will also have to use any anti-virus to ensure that you don’t face an issue because of any malware or trojan problem in your system.


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