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How to stop unwanted emails in gmail

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We receive hundreds of emails on daily basis. Of course! Not all of them are important. It is a known fact that 60 percent of emails are promotional emails and absolutely they are of no use for many. Since email is a convenient mode of communication that can be done within a fraction of seconds, everyone prefers to send email to convey a message or send any document. The Gmail is the most popular free, webmail service, there is no surprise that it also facilitates with the feature to filter out spam emails. However, it is quite important to know how to block emails on Gmail thus protecting yourself from any online threats. This may even help Google to improvise further with their spam filtering techniques. Here, let us discuss in detail of how to block emails on Gmail, especially the unwanted and spam emails.

Different Methods to Block Unwanted Emails in Gmail
Irrespective of the reasons for which you are receiving unwanted emails in Gmail, these messages are quite annoying. Though Gmail facilitates with strong spam filters, still you can make use of these techniques to reduce the chance of receiving unwanted emails. 

How to Stop Unwanted Spam Email in Gmail

Method 1: Make use of Filters in Gmail
One of the easiest ways to block unwanted emails is to directly use the filters available in the Gmail account. In case you find any website that is sending continuous spam emails to your inbox, try to set a filter. To do so:

Step 1: Click on down arrow located at the end of the search box. This allows specifying search criteria.

Step 2: After setting the desired search criteria, click on create filter with search.

Step 3: Choose an action that you want to perform for that search. In the case of spam emails, you can prefer to choose to delete it.

Step 4: Click on create filter. From now on, the email receiving is now sorted based on the search criteria specified.

Method 2: Stop Giving Access to Spam at the start
As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure! It is always better to stop gives access to the spam emails at the start. Whenever you are trying to use the Gmail account to create a login for other accounts, ensure that those websites do not send emails to your inbox unless it is necessary. Only, if you require any updates from that website then checkbox the option that says “Allows us to send updates to your Gmail”. Doing so will reduce the number of spam or unwanted emails to your account.

Method 3: Report Spam
Another useful feature to block unwanted emails is to make use of “Report Spam” feature. Firstly ensure that you run on the latest Gmail version to accept the changes accordingly. Find the “report spam” feature and use the Gmail bulk selection, to flag several emails at once as a spam. This ensures that you don’t receive any emails from unwanted senders. They directly reach the spam folder and is one of the best methods to deal with repetitive emails.

How to Block Someone On Gmail
Sometimes it might not be enough to just mark the mail as Spam. There are at times where you want to get rid of someone completely. Google gives you feasibility to block emails from particular senders. Below is the step by step process to block someone on Gmail.

Step 1: Open the Gmail account.

Step 2: Open an email message from the sender whom you wish to block from your list.

Step 3: Click on down arrow for more options on the right end of the sender name.

Step 4: Select Block “Sender Name” from the drop-down list.

Step 5: Click on the block tab to confirm.

That’s it! You will now stop receiving any email from this sender.


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