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Problem upload to the cloud

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Good day!

I have a program Tt DPS G App version 3.1.6. My account is eddd2002@mail.ru. Why all data is not uploaded to the cloud, for each day of work. Only on the day when the computer is turned on for a very long time (all day). Previously, uploading took place immediately when the computer was turned on and a notification came to the mobile application. And then the data was often downloaded during the operation of the computer (no matter how much it works). Now this is not happening. After what time is the data uploaded to the site? How is this configured in the program? I understand that before all the data that did not have time to unload until the computer was turned off, the data was stored on the computer and unloaded the next time the computer was turned on. Why is this not happening now?

I attach a screenshot which shows that the last upload was on May 1, and the last one was on April 22. Although the computer turned on and worked between these dates, but not for very long.


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