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Human growth hormone

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Like in case of any other hormone's imbalance the lack of human growth hormone has its own signs and symptoms. There can be very many of them but the main ones are weight gain (especially around your waist), insulin resistance, reduced bone density (which can later cause osteoporosis), increasing sensitivity to cold and heat, low vitality and energy levels, constant feeling of tiredness or fatigue, insomnia, problems with memory and concentration, hair loss, reduced #### drive, heart diseases, mood, swings, anxiety, depression and so on.
As it's seen there are so many symptoms of this imbalance and many of them are similiar to the symptoms of other illnesses too, that's why HGH diagnosis https://www.hgha.com/hgh-deficiency-diagnosis can be made only by doctors after physical examination and different tests. Only after that you'be prescripted with a certain treatment.
And yeah, there are many natural ways for increasing its level but the older you are, the weaker these methods will be, because of that starting from 40s hormone replacement therapy is the most effective solution for treating this imbalance.

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