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Medicine is a highly sought after career in India. And that is one of the main reasons why taking and clearing medical entrance exams in India is a huge challenge. Every year more than 1.5 million aspiring students sit for medical exams and compete for some few thousand medical seats, in different medical colleges in the country

Today, India has a huge population and as such a number of health related issues have also come up, which were perhaps not very common earlier. So to have a country of healthy people, there is a huge need for trained professionals in India.

An increasingly large number of the population in India suffers from various types of lifestyle and other diseases. A drastic change in way of life has come about in the country. The major reason for this is due to a huge number of young essay editing and proofreading professionals  with high stress careers there are many other reasons as well. As mentioned earlier, studying medicine is not an easy task and not everyone is cut out for this profession. Now  if you are thinking of having a career in medicine, you must start your preparations early. It has to begin at the undergraduate level of your education.

Aspiring medicine candidates have to choose subjects related to science in high school. The subjects for you to take are physics, chemistry and biology. These subjects will help you prepare for the highly competitive medical exams after completing high school. Candidates can also enroll in institutes, which train students to successfully clear medical entrance exams. There are a number of coaching or training institutes in various parts of India, which train students for the same. The institute conducts regular classes and also holds mock exam and interview sessions, to gauge the preparation of the students for the entrance exams.

MBBS Entrance Exams

Medical entrance exams in India are popularly referred to as MBBS entrance exams. Getting a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree or MBBS degree takes five years. There are various medical colleges in India and if you wish to apply for admission to more than one college, you will have to appear separate for separate entrance exams. You can also appear for the statewide medical entrance exams. For this as well, you will have to sit for separate exams if you want to apply to medical colleges in multiple states.

The newly constituted six-member panel, which runs the MCI or the Medical Council of India, has proposed a common entrance exam for all medical colleges for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. If this proposal is finalized, students might appear for the common test by the next academic year, i.e. 2011. Further, if this proposal materializes, it means that candidates will not longer have to appear for multiple entrance exams, which is a time consuming, tiring and tough process. This new move will be very beneficial for students.

In India, MBBS degree includes classes in various fields. Some of them are – microbiology, pathology, toxicology and pharmacology, along with other subjects which are essential for medical studies. After completing four and a half years studying MBBS candidates have to do an internship for six months or a year. After this, they can pursue a post graduate degree in medicine if they want. Though candidates having MBBS degree can practice medicine in India, many of them opt for an MD degree, if they want to specialize in certain field. Also  those with MD degree can get higher paying jobs.

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