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How To Root Android - Unlock The Bootloader First

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Android Rooting is one of the most popular topics in the Android world. As the Android rooting unleash the full potential of Android smartphones, users are really keen on it although it may end leaving a bricked Android. Generally, Rooting has become one of the top reasons which may cause Android bricking. But users are not ready to give up the rooting attempts.

How To Avoid Device Bricking When Rooting

Honestly, no one can guarantee that a specific rooting won't brick your device. As all the rooting tools are working with system files, anything can happen any time leaving you a bricked device. But there are some common strategies that help you to decrease the chance of bricking while rooting your device. Here are those strategies.

  • Select and download  the correct rooting method for your device
  • Unlock the  boot loader of your device before rooting it
  • Always try to use the official rooting solution if available to root your device
  • Some device comes with unlock able boot loaders and you cannot root  them using official methods

What Is Boot loader

The boot loader is the program which determine if you are running the recommended OS on your Android smartphone. It comes from the device vendor and fully responsible to bring the kernel to the device and verify there is a safe environment on the device to execute the kernel. So, you cannot run anything that does not match with the boot loader on your device. That is why you need to unlock it before doing anything that not recommended by the device manufacturer.

How To Unlock The Device Boot loader

  • Back Up your Android smartphone
  • Go to  Android SDK download page
  • Go to  “SDK Tools Only” and download the ZIP file according to your platform 
  • Unzip the file where you want to locate the ADB files
  • Launch SDK Manager and select only “Android SDK Platform-tools” ( Also Select “Google USB Driver”  for Nexus phone) and install
  • Close the SDK manager when the installation is done
  • Install relevant USB drivers for your device from the manufacturer's site
  • Reboot your computer
  • Next, Enable USB debugging mode on your Android
  • Now, switch off your Android smartphone and connect it to the computer
  • Go to your Android SDK folder and Open the platform-tools folder
  • Use Shift+Right Click on any empty area in the platform-tools folder and Choose “Open a Command Prompt Here”
  • Type adb devices command and run it by hitting Enter 
  • Then, boot your device into fastboot mode by pressing and holding “Power” and “Volume Down”  for 10 sec.
  • Finally, run the relavant fastboot command to unlock your device and your device will ask your permission to unlock it
  • Use volume buttons and confirm
  • Finally, reboot your device using on-screen instruction and you will see " boot loader is unlocked" message if you have unlocked your boot loader successfully
  • At last, it will boot in to normal Android mode and you are ready to root it without bricking

Note - Fastboot command to unlock the bootloader varies device to device and you need to check the Manufacturer site or XDA developers for it. if you are nexus user fastboot oem unlock command can be used. Also, some devices such as HTC and Motorola cannot follow this guide as those devices must be verified by the manufactures to unlock.

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