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How to activate Norton security on windows or Mac?

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A virus is typically a piece of computer program that has been written to cause some inconvenience to a computer user or even cause damage to data on the computer or damage to the way the computer operates.
Once the virus has entered your computer it inserts itself into other programs that are running on the computer, such as the key programs that run to operate your computer, or the program you use to send and receive email.
Therefore, when these programs are run, the virus program is also run, with undesirable results.

For example, a virus which has infected your email program may also attach itself (invisibly to you) to any email you send to other people. In another example, a virus may lie dormant in your operating system until a certain day of the year has been reached, and then run, deleting files from your hard disk drive.

Activate your Norton security on Norton.com/activate

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