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How To Root Android - Basic Guide For Beginners

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Are you looking forward to playing with your Android smartphone? If so there is no other way than rooting your Android device. Most probably, you may know what is Android by now and you must have tried it already now. However, if you are still planning to your Android device, these tips may be helpful to you.

What Is Android Rooting

Rooting is the process which is followed by Android users to acess the system files of an Android smartphone.  Android contains several partitions and the system partition is the portion where system files are saved. If you are little aware of system files, you may already know that if we need a change on a specific system, We have to make the changes on the system files. The same principle applies to Android. So, you may understand now that you have to acess the system files to make relavant changes. But unfortunately, you are not allowed to acess the system files as a normal Android user.

How To Acess The Android System Partition

Accessing the system partition is called as root. You can use one-click rooting apps or PC to acess the system partition of your device. If you are completely newbie to Android world, the one-click rooting application would be a good choice. But you are not advised to use one-click rooting tools on your latest Android devices as most of the one-click rooting tools are only compatible with older Android devices. If you are a user who can operate PC commands and have some idea about sending fastboot commands from the PC to a smartphone, you can use the PC method to flash root binaries on your device and after flashing a custom recovery. Technically, the PC method is the recommended way to roo an Android although it is a little bit hard. It is too wide topic to discuss rooting method here. You can find about it in XDA developers as it is the most professional and technical Android forum where all the Android-related tasks are discussed

What Can You Do After Rooting Your Android 

After accessing the system partition of your device, you can perform so many technical tasks that were unable to do previously. Actually, you cannot make changes as soon as root your device. you have to use specific apps and techniques to change and modify your device.

Specific Apps - Some needs permission to acess the system partition of your device to modify your device. That are called root apps and you can install them and make changes on y our device after rooting

Techniques - You can install a custom recovery/ROMs and Custom kernel on your device and completely change the Android system. You have to use the flashing technique to do the things

Final Word

Actually, it is hard to shorten all the stuff about Android rooting. But I hope now you have a clerer idea than before. If you are using Samsung Galaxy users, https://odindownload.com/root-android/ would provide you with a better idea than here.

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