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How To Root Android - Google SafetyNet Bypass

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All the Android root lovers have been shaken up by Google Safetynet leaving them to think twice about their rooting attempts. The main purpose of Google Safetynet is to help app developers to evaluate the software environment where their apps are running. Currently, most Android smartphone users are using rooted Android smartphones and it has been a major security concern in Android. As you know, A rooted Android device loses its default Android security and any third party or a person can access the sensitive data and own them.

Adverse Effect Of Rooting

Copycat malware is the best example to explain the seriousness of the issue. Copycat malware was discovered in 2016 and it had been infected over 14 million devices and rooted half of them without users awareness. According to the official source, the malware had been spreaded over the smartphones through the apps which had been downloaded through the third-party app stores. Malware with root access is threatened as it can steal device sensitive data. Even you are using the offical rooting solution as https://odindownload.com/root-android/, you cannot avoid the adverse effect of rooting.

Google SafetyNet

Google SafetyNet is a set of services and APIs which help Android developers to prevent their Apps against fake users, bad URLs, tampered or rooted devices. Google SafetyNet mainly consists of four APIs as SafetyNet Attestation API, SafetyNet Safe Browsing API, SafetyNet reCAPTCHA API and SafetyNet Verify Apps API. Especially, SafetyNet Attestation API helps app developers to identify the device is tampered, modified or comprised before running the app. However, only a few app developers use this great feature as of now. Perhaps, they might be thinking that the number of users may decrease as a result of Google SafetyNet.

How To ByPass Google Safetynet

Magisk is the one and only method to bypass the Google SafetyNet Attestation API. Magisk Root allows users to have root access while providing the chance to use  Google SafetyNet Attested apps. So, if you have an intention to root your device and use apps tested by Safetynet, Magisk is the option. Actually, a large number of apps available in the Google Play store does not use this security check. But most of the banking and financial apps using this security check to protect the users and sensitive personal data.

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