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How To Root Android - A Simple Way To Root LG Smartphones

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All the Android smartphone users prefer Rooting despite the brand of the smartphone they are using. Frequently, Android users conflict with each other regarding the features and performances of their devices. but all of them agree with one fact that Android is not providing what it actually can. That is why almost all of Android smartphone users try to root their devices to have more capabilities from Android. There are a number of rooting solutions and some of them based on various parameters such as the Android version, device model, build number, kernel date, etc. Likewise, Stump Root is specific for LG smartphones.

Stump Root 

Stump Root works as a one-click rooting tool for LG smartphones that were manufactured between 2012 to  2014. As same as other one-click rooting tools, Stump root also only requires a single tap to root your device. Generally. compatibility of the all of  One-click rooting tools has been categorized in to based on devices' Android version, brand, and model. But the key fact which determines the compatibility of Stump Root with your device is the manufacture date of your LG device. If your device has been manufactured within the above said time period, Stump root can root your device. Also, most of the one-click rooting tools need to remain on the device after installing it to have root access successfully. Stump root differs from those tools as it must be uninstalled after having root access.

How To Root Your LG Devices With Stump Root 

First of all, get a complete back up of your device. Generally, most of the one-click rooting tools do not require the unlocked bootloader to be implemented as modified images are not flashed when rooting with one-click rooting tools. But it is better if you could try rooting after unlocking the boot loader as unlocked bootloader may sometimes cause device bricking. Make sure to unlock the bootloader of your LG device before using the Stump root. 


  • Download and Install StumpRoot APK
  • Launch the application 
  • Tap on the "Grind" button to start rooting your device
  • When the rotting process is done, you will be asked to reboot your device at the end
  • Reboot your device and install SuperSU APK to manage your rooted device and uninstall the StumpRoot APK 

Final Word

You cannot try this on the latest LG smartphones since the app has not been updated for long. The most recent update to the app has been released in August 2014 and you can try it on LG devices up to that date from mid-2012. 

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