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How To Root Android - Download KingoRoot And Do It Simply

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Do you want to root your Android smartphone simply? Then, it's worth considering KingoRoot one-click rooting tool. KingoRoot has been designed to work faster but in a simple manner to get root access on Android cupcake to Android Lollipop devices. Most Android smartphone lovers prefer Android rooting as it can unlock the locked features of the Android smartphone. Actually, Android is not what we see. It is more flexible and customizable unless your device manufacturer restricted. But unfortunately, all the Android smartphones come with manufacturer restrictions and hard to have all the Android capabilities on a stock Android device. That is why Android rooting becomes more important.

Why Android Rooting

Rooting allows you to remove the software restrictions on Android smartphones and tablets to make them more flexible and customizable. Generally, most of the device manufacturers don't encourage their users to customize smartphones. That is why most Android smartphones are shipped with locked bootloaders to prevent your device from running unauthorized customizations. But some of the device manufacturers allow users to unlock the bootloaders very easily as they want to give a chance to enthusiastic Android geeks to invent and experiment new apps and Android customizations. Basically, you can uninstall system apps and install the system, modding apps as system apps on your device after rooting your device. In addition to these basic abilities, you can do advanced technical tasks such as flashing kernels, recoveries and ROMs smoothly and without any faults after rooting. If you are thinking of how to root your android phone, Kingoroot will solve it faster than any other rooting tool

Download KingoRoot And Root Your Android

 KingoRoot is one-click rooting which is available in both PC and Android versions. It comes in a simple interface and easy rooting process. So, any user can use the tool and gain rot acess although he is a newbie to the Android rooting. Whatever the rooting tool, you have to follow basic preparation before rooting your device.

  • Get a complete back up of your device
  • Enable Unknown sources and USB Debugging mode
  • Charge your device at least 50%

After arranging basic requirements follow the below steps to root your Android device.

KingoRoot APK

  • Connect your Android smartphone to the Internet
  • Download KingoRoot APK on your Android smartphone
  • Launch the application and tap on the "One Click Root" button
  • At last, you will get the "Root Succeeded" message

Note: Try several times if fails in the first time

KingoRoot PC

  • Install Android USB drivers
  • Download KingoRoot PC version on your Windows computer
  • Install the application and launch it
  • Connect your device to the computer using a proper USB cable
  • Check your device screen and tap "OK"  on the "Allow USB Debugging" message
  • Finally, click on the "Root" button and wait until you get the "Root Succeed" message before detaching the device from the computer
  • You may find Superuser app on your device after rooting which works as the root access managing tool for Kingo root 

Wrapping Up

After rooting make sure to verify if you have root access or not running a root checker application. You can download a root checker form Google play store or you can try installing a root app

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