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How To Root Android & Quick Reboot The Android Without OEM Buttons

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As an Android smartphone user, you must be aware of lots of things related to Android by now. Android has several technical modes in addition to normal Android mode. Perhaps you may already know what they are. You can boot your Android device in to recovery mode, safe mode and bootloader mode using the specific key combinations in addition to regular reboot and restart functions. Each Android mode has a specific button combination to be enabled and each mode has specific abilities to diagnose and recover the Android device in some complicated conditions.

How To Root Android & Android Modes

Basically, you can boot your Android in to recovery mode using the specific button combinations and perform Android tasks such as factory reset, manual OTA updates and Wipe cache etc. The bootloader mode allows you to send PC commands to your Android and Safe mode allow you to save battery life in critical conditions. Technically, you must use the specific button combinations to enable each mode and it becomes bothersome if you usually use these Android modes along with other Advanced Android features. That is why Quick Reboot becomes important when you are using an Andriod smartphone for advanced features such as ROM flashing.

Quick Reboot

Quick Reboot has been designed to boot your device int to desired Android mode within a second without using any hard key combination. The app is available for free in the Google Play store and you need a  rooted Android device to use the app. Actually, you may not be able to understand the value of this kind of app untill you get a critical problem in your hardware keys when you essentially need it. Sometimes, our hardware keys fail to works and make us helpless without giving us the chance to boot in to recovery mode or bootloader mode to recover the device. In such cases, the Quick Reboot app would be really beneficial for you.


Quick Reboot requires a properly rooted Android device and compatible with 4.0.3 and up. Once you run the app, it shows all the available Android modes including restart/reboot safe mode, recovery and bootloader mode along with regular Power/Switches off and Reboot/Restart. 

Final Word

in order to use the quick reboot or any other root app, you need a properly rooted android smartphone. technically, it is not hard to root your android. But you need to be careful to select an effective and compatible rooting tool for your device.

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