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How To Root Android & Make Your Android Free Of Advertising

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Are you looking forward to making your Android free from bothersome advertising networks? No results after trying multiple ad blockers? Then, let's get to know about Adaway app. Adaway is a simple and free Android application that needs to be installed after rooting your Android device. It allows you to blacklist unwanted advertising networks that bother you constantly. As Adaway is a  root app, you need to root your device first to get the benefits of Adaway app.

How To Root Android

Adaway has bee designed to block the advertising networks using the host files and host files are located in system partition in Android. Generally, regular Android users do not have permission to access the system partition in Android where all the Android system files are located. The one and the only way to access the system files is rooting and rooting methods differ from device to device. If you are still using a non-rooted device, read about Magisk, CF-Auto-Root and one-click rooting tools such as Kingoroot, Oneclickroot and select the best option for your device. Rooting is vulnerable to the device and makes sure to process after getting enough knowledge. If you re a Samsung Galaxy device, read https://odindownload.com/root-android/ before deciding other rooting option.

Download Adaway

After rooting your Android device it is ready to welcome the Adaway to block the irritating advertising networks. Visit F-Droid and download the app for free and add the bothersome host sources to AdAway and it will block them and your device will not show your ads anymore. Due to the  Data Compression Proxy in chrome, Adaway cannot block ads in chrome if you have not disabled it. Make sure to disable it, before using the app on your Android device.

Adaway Versions And Compatibility

Adaway is an Open-source adblocker and it needs root access to work. So, root your Android device properly and download latest  Adaway version(Version 4.2.8 (40208) - 2019-07-30- Requires Android 4.1 or newer) for your device and install it. Technically, the app weak in performance on Mobile Networks like 3G.

Final Word

Make sure to deactivate the proxy on your selected APN when you are working on Mobile Networks like 3G to preserve reliability of Adaway app. You can do it by going to Mobile Networks >> Access Point Names >> Clear the value in the proxy field. Also, if you are trying to use Adaway app rooting your device first time, you have to follow an official and proper guide to root your device. Rooting is a bit complicated Android task and you would rather stay away from it if you feel it is complicated.

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