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Everyone is fond of using Hotmail account as it is one of the most awesome email services across the globe. But some individuals feel quite unlucky as they are not able to create a Hotmail account as they don’t know the steps. Have a look at the different steps that are related to how to create Hotmail account. If users have any issue or query regarding Hotmail account then they might contact with Hotmail Customer Service for quick help.

Steps to create Hotmail account:

Ø  For creating Hotmail account first of go to Microsoft official login page.

Ø  Here you will see an option of create your account click on that and move ahead.

Ø  Now, it is the right to create a new email address. After you have created your email address, insert the correct password related to it.

Ø  Now, it will ask to provide you some further details. So, enter some personal details like your first name, last name, Date of birth, country where you reside etc.

Ø  At the time of creating an account, you will have to submit an alternate recovery email or phone number for future reference in case you forget your password in future.

Ø  Click next, and you will get a verification code on your email Id that you submitted. Fill that verification code inside the blank. And confirm it.

You have successfully completed all the steps related to how to create Hotmail account. In case, of any issue you can contact third party customer support to resolve your issues.


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