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TPG-1050D-P... fan does not work


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There are representatives who are versed in this product? Tell me what could be the problem. The power supply is certified 80 PLUS Platinum and such problems. Maybe I'm wrong and everything is fine, maybe the software does not correctly perceive its work, and the Smart Zero Fan technology works like that. but in the program settings I changed the mode from passive to silent and to maximum. what did not change ??? just when the temperature reaches 60 degrees, another window appears, which is very hot, but the fan still does not turn on ...

Another question - there are 4 backlit fans on the case and in the off state, they SOMETIMES burn dimly. This Wedb is also not correct (but maybe this is a question already for the motherboard?)


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I don’t know whether to laugh or cry)))
when asked by the support service "The fan never starts. It reaches a temperature of 62 degrees Celsius. Maybe this is the specifics of the power supply. No one can tell me about this. Sellers do not change the product. Why do you have such a big guarantee?" I got an answer. Here is its informative part: "62 degrees, this is not a critical temperature. Try to load the PC with programs for stress testing as much as possible. If it does not start, then this is a warranty case and you should contact the store’s service center for repair / replacement."
It turns out that they themselves do not know how the goods that they produce work?
From the product page "The revolutionary series of premium smart power supplies using cloud technology and active PFC!"

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