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Commender C36 case front fan issue

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New build.  10/20/2019

MB ROG STRIX X470-F Gaming

Case Commander C36

I can't get the front fans to work at all. The only case fan that will work is the rear fan when only plugged into the 4 pin header on the MB.

The module on the side of the case (ARGB) module has the white lower pin 3 pin of which controls the front LED. On the black  upper three

pin connector, is this header on the board for actual fan operation?. If so, could someone "Please" tell me what type and part number of the cable is needed so i can get these fans running.. Would this be a 3 (male) pin from the ARGB module, black connector to a Male 4 pin connector on the MB. I was seeing/reading Thermaltake does not supply this cable with the case.  On fan # 2 on my case there is only a single jumper between the connector. It is not like in the JPG shown. Please advise me what I'm missing here. Any help is appreciated



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One thing i forgot to mention. When the White 3 pin is connected. the front LED's do light up, but the front fans will not spin.

Thank you.. As of right now there is no plug/wiring connectod to the opposite 3 pin black headed on the small board.

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