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Cardboard Packaging for Storage

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Nowadays, cardboard has become an essential packaging for food, everyday objects such as pens, or even shipments by post or carrier. For each case, the cardboard must be adapted to its use. But above all, cardboard is an ecological matter.

The cardboard packaging is ecological
The cardboard packaging is eco-friendly for two reasons: it is biodegradable , which allows it to be quickly destroyed, but it usually comes from the manufacture of recycled paper or cardboard, which makes it possible to limit the number of felled trees. That's why it is a much better packaging than the plastic that takes him for decades to be destroyed if he hangs in nature.

The format determines the use of cardboard packaging
Indeed, each cardboard has a use of its own because of its size but also its thickness. Thus, a packaging for pens, in view of its small thickness and its small size, can only serve as a protective cardboard packaging wellpackeurope.com/cardboard-boxes-double-wall for these pens and that's it. It will quickly go to the trash once the used pens.

And the mailboxes in all this? Well, they usually have a single thickness but thanks to their small size, they can be transported more easily including by post. It can be delivered directly to your mailbox if it is standard size. Some models make it possible to hold the object to be transported by means of interior flaps. There are CDs, DVDs or books.

Cardboard packaging has a bright future
With the ban on giving plastic bags to customers, cardboard packaging has come back in force in most stores in recent years. Especially the kraft bags that are preferred by traders but the luxury shops, clothes are often placed in small boxes in cardboard similar to those used by bakers.

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