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What is the worst game you have ever spent money on?

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With the backlash people are giving to Assassins Creed Unity, it made me think of the last game that I regretted giving my money to.  The game is called “No Luca, No†and is available on the Xbox Arcade. It’s a single button game where you have to push your cat Luca away from your cereal bowl. It felt odd and I couldn’t believe that this was a real game and I paid for it.  Let’s hear what the worst game you ever bought was!


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#### I think the Assassins Creed series is down right horrible, bought 3 and hated it (you're an ASSASSSIN and you can't crouch...REALLY?!?).
Final Fantasy X2, got to the part where one of the girls went "teehee, I can't stop dancing!", yep, that was the end of that game.

PacMan for the Atari 2600 (showing my age here), that was a disaster, but I was able to avoid E.T.
But the worst, absolute worst, was when I owned a Sega CD system, and NOTHING was out for it but a pitiful attempt of a game called Night Trap.

Yep. I ain't proud of it, and I'd rather shave my a** and jump into a vat of rubbing alcohol than to subject myself to such tourture again.

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