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How can you cancel Southwest flight seat?

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Gone are the days when people used to think twice before booking flights since flight tickets are quite expensive. But USA based airline Southwest Airline is one of the major low cost airlines that offer air tickets at highly reasonable price. Southwest Airline economical flight tickets enable people from all the classes to afford it. If you are planning your next vacation to USA then you can easily book flight tickets and enjoy flight service at affordable price. But suppose if you already reservations in southwest but now have to cancel it because of any emergency then you can easily cancel your flight tickets. To know about Southwest Airlines cancellation policy one can refer to below steps.

Steps to cancel Southwest Airlines flight:

1.If you have any booking in Southwest but want to cancel reservations then visit their official website

2.On the website look for manage booking option

3.Once you find it click on change/cancel reservations

4.Next enter your reservation number and name

5.Your flight details will appear. Scroll down and cancel your reservations

6.If you cancel your reservation within 24 hours you won’t be charged with any money

7.Beyond 24 hours cancellation you will be charged depending upon type of ticket

8.Post cancellation you can also claim for refund that would be reimbursed after deducting cancellation charges.

And you are done. In case of any doubt contact on customer support number.

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