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How To Install Youtube Vanced Latest Vesion 2020


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YouTube Vanced is the highly recommended app for watching youtube videos without ads-free, peoples are watching videos day today so you can use this app. it’s like an official YouTube app and it’s like a modified version of YouTube.This app was designed with all features of that module because the Xposed Module had some problems working with the Android Nougat.


Download for Root Device

This apk file for rooted devices. root permission can perform whatever feature or an app without permission of the manufacturer.you have to download further files and flash via a custom recovery like TWRP to install the app.

  • Click the root button after that redirect to the page
  • Choose and Download YouTube Vanced APK version from the above download section
  • Move downloaded APK to /sd card/Downloads or into the installation zip
  • Disable auto-update from the Play Store and Uninstall all the updates of YouTube
  • Then Flash the installer in TWRP
  • Launch the app and get an amazing experience

Download for Non-Root Device

This apk file for non-root devices. You must set up MicroG package in order to be able to log in. Your Smartphone or the Tablet has no root permission but still capable to deal with YouTube Vanced Apk.

  • Click the non-root button after that redirect to the page and download official installer from the “non-root” page .
  • If you wish to log in with your current YouTube account then you must Install MicroG APK for your Android Devices.
  • Download YouTube Vanced APK from here. 
  • Install the APK on your smartphone or tab.
  • Launch app and get an amazing experience

Download for Magisk Package

Who is interested in this Magisk module and by the way package should download and set up YouTube Vanced Magisk Module via Magisk repo.

  • There are three ways to install YouTube Vnaced via magisk.
  • The first, simple and most recommended way is to install the application via magisk repo.
  • The second method is to go through “Install via magisk.plz” or enable magisk from the root installer > settings.sh
  • The final method is to use the magisk module which provided inthe download section.
  • Launch app and get an amazing experience.
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