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  1. BLACK V2 Owner's Club

    Dear David, Do you have any advices on BIOS definitions. I think the key in the BIOS and not in operating system or the mouse (driver)
  2. BLACK V2 Owner's Club

    My problem still continues. and get much worse now When I am in operating system suddenly decides to stop working. this issue a new one. It happens in BIOS to so it is nothing to do with driver In BIOS USB enabled too. Other mouses like Microsoft and Logitech were working perfectly but this one not
  3. Black V2 Not responsive

    Hi again It passed several months from my problem still no solution. I tried everything that suggested here but I my problem still remains as titanium Frankly I am very disappointed from thermaltake . I have 2 thermaltake BlackV2 mouse and other brands like Logitech Gamer mouse and not gamer mouse All mouses are working fine except thermaltake BlackV2 mouses. I want to give a change may be thermaltake will solve my problem otherwise I have to disbanded all thermaltake products from now and to the future. for example I have 3 chases , a lot of fans from thermaltake too Dear Sir David, You tried several things for solving the problem. What can I do if my mouse does not move how can I click right or left???
  4. Black V2 Not responsive

    I have official Thermaltake Black v2 mouse I have been downloaded all kind drivers from thermaltake official site. Now you gave me so unknown site url. For security reasons I can not do this. I am expecting solution from thermaltake and from official site of it. Thank you for your help David but you have to understand me. So until now I did not received help. I have been bought a lot of equipment from thermal take I did not looked for help but this scale shows me and started to change my opinion about thermaltake. I opened this ticket long time ago until no solution. I am very disappointed of you (thermaltake) Why do not ask gigabyte. motherboard & bios from gigabyte G1.sniper.m5 . while entering BIOS it is not respond. May be start looking a solution at this point. My second PC: By the way I have G1.sniper.m3 board and the same mouse another rig the same problem too. Shortly your mouse not recognizable by bios for 100% Waiting focused answers and fast. thanks
  5. Black V2 Not responsive

    Yes , I restarted my PC several times I do not have Command Center User Interface form!!!
  6. Black V2 Not responsive

    First good thing is with v1.0230 no yellow exclamation (!) mark that gives an impression something wrong. Second thing that either GUI and either v1.0230 popups the Mouse User Interface form. I press right click them Enable load on startup Disable OSD go to website Exit
  7. Black Gaming Mouse - Probleme

    Your message above: I press highlight end select your text then copy into clipboard And here I paste it. Nothing happens I allowed to website access to my clipboard too
  8. BLACK V2 Owner's Club

    By the way second thing that is very unusual give bad feeling about the driver (v1.018) as follows: If I load manually the v1.018 command center I see a yellow exclamation mark (!) in general give a notice to user something is wrong. Note: Why I can not use copy/paste functionality in this forum?
  9. BLACK V2 Owner's Club

    why you do not let us download the firmware or select which version of firmware and the GUI can handle firmware all functionality If I have the same problem inside of BIOS driver has nothing to do here except firmware can help here.
  10. BLACK V2 Owner's Club

    Hi Admin I am aware with those links . I already installed the v1.018. I think before the driver installation also mouse unresponsive when I enter into BIOS too
  11. BLACK V2 Owner's Club

    Yes I have the same thing with exclamation mark (with the gui v1.0 not exist) but in event handlers of windows application says that loaded successfully. So confusing. In the GUI also firmware issue is missing. At the first time it loads the firmware from unknown location why we do not have control downloading it or replacing with the older version in case of problems my major problem is it is not working when I turn on my pc. also I can use it inside of bios but sometimes it works (rare)
  12. BlackV2 not working on Windows 8.1 (64bit)

    I have the same issue but in my case windows7 ultimate 64bit. So it does not matter which OS. Try enter into bios of pc. you will see mouse not response too. May be something in bios to do As I am thinking more it is not depends on os at all. may be some checkbox in the bios (I mean new modern bios)
  13. Black Gaming Mouse - Probleme

    I can not understand german language. I can not copy / paste the article for transalting so someone can write the solution if you have because I have the same problem
  14. Black Gaming Mouse - Probleme

    why in german? English is international language
  15. Black Gaming Mouse Cursor

    I have the same issue here. I wrote Thermal Take Australia support center one week ago and still not response. http://my.ttesports.com/ctgeneral.aspx Frankly this is not way to threat the customer as a serious company. Now I am looking some solution tips from the google or community forums. I bought my BlackV2 mouse 1 month ago and not responsive at major cases when I start the PC. Not just Windows also I can not enter into BIOS Sometimes it works as expected from respectable mouse from respectable manufacturer. By the way I have a lot of products from thermaltake and all was ok until this product. Big disappointed! I installed the Command Center v1.018 I need help asap by the way in this editor I can not copy/paste at all in spite of allowing it