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    Alternative to TT RGB software

    Github version has Razer Connect/Sync implemented for anyone that has problems with the official software.
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    Tell me please, what about cats?

    Tell me please, what about cats?
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    Tell me please, what about cats?

    I mean, not animals, but girls, why is it the name for hot girls? This is not related to cats, why is that? Why not puppies or something like that.
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    The lack of support stinks from TT on here. If it was EVGA, Corsair this thread would be thriving with better suggestions and by now a work around solution directly from the horses mouth. It's sick seeing users left in the dark like this.
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    Still waiting... Turning off my rig till then..
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    anyone hear any updates on this issue?
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    I can tell this issue is new, couldn't find it anywhere on the net. You're actually the first person to post a screenshot of it @bragimova
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    TT RGB PLUS 1.2.8 Autostart

    Problem occurs with admin account too ! I have tried everything. Reinstalled 1.2.8. and deleted the TT Folder in /User/Appdata. All Profiles lost but no Autostart !
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    SideShow Pat. There is a special place in heaven for people like you. Your solution worked great. I would suggest that you copyright it and sell it to Thermatake for a million dollars (or sue them for more if they use it!) Thanks... Ed.
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