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    Tt Andy

    [India] Pramod Hambir

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    Alternative to TT RGB software

    How it looks. Make sure you are not running this program and the official one. They will both stop to work. To install you run "RiingPlus.Service.exe", it will ask you for administrator rights (needed for temperature reading), and then follow the prompts. If installing as custom user enter username as ".\<username>" and your windows password. To uninstall run it again. Then you run "RiingPlus.Gui.exe" to control the service. If you see a "waiting for service" dialog, the service probably failed to start. You can check why in windows event log. By default your current settings will be left untouched, you have to create a new profile, select fans that will be in that profile and click save. Each fan can only be in one profile of each type. The types are: Normal Boot - when saved will apply fan speed/rgb settings at pc boot, after saving will revert to Normal profile for each fan if present Shutdown - will be applied when service/pc is shutting down There are no error prompts and the app will just revert to correct/previous settings when saving if something is configured incorrectly. By default the temperature update is every 250ms, and fan speed update is every 2500ms. This can be changed in "config.json", not available in gui yet. Ofc I give you no warranty that it will work, or that your pc wont catch on fire. You can read posts from people that have it working. If something wont work, ill try to update but dont expect 24/7 support. Changelog: v1.3: Allow installation as LocalService v1.2: Fix detection of unused ports Add "Off" speed mode v1.1: Add ability to set temperature sensor per profile Update openhardwarelib Fix controller sorting Ignore critical temperature on manual speed mode Original post: Anyone know if there exists an alternative software that can control tt fans? The official software is very buggy, has missing essential features and has slow updates. I only found two repos on github: one, two I am thinking about writing my own app that at least has custom PWM curves per fan using code from these two. RiingPlusController_v1.3.zip
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    Go Michael John Lacerna! Laban Pilipinas!
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    Been following Calen Saddler's build for a while. The details on the build are crazy nice.
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    [India] Pramod Hambir

    Loved this one. So much work you have done to made this look so awesome. Congrats.
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    [Spain] Aitor LarraƱaga

    It is absolutely crazy man. I love it.And the location adds so much to the atmosphere of the shoot.
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    [Thailand] Pakawat Chaiboonma

    That is a lot of work man. Almost a scratchbuild. Well done.
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    Go PH! Astig! :D
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    [Philippines] Michael John Lacerna

    goodluck philppines numbawan !
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    Good Day, Thermaltake and Thermal Mike. Alvin here from Philippines. I just bought a 3 Fan Pack. Ring Plus Fan TT Premium, and i just love your fans . I love how your Software controls each LED on it and its configs and planning to buy Lumi plus soon. I have 1 suggestion, this maybe complex but mybe possible in the future. Since your TT Sync controller is synced to Aura, RGB Fusion , Mystic Light ONLY. I suggest it will be possible to connect together with the RGB Plus Software. Ifigured out some logic on how. The NEW TT Sync controller can add the old controllers way of connecting to the USB header for the RGB Plus Software to communicate, BUT they must not function at the same time. In your software you might have a switch like "ON, OFF" instead read as "Motherboard control or TT Plus Control" and takes effect on restart so that motherboard can detect if it has access to it or not. Thanks, PS: I love how your software works but. still AURA SYNC is life. and i like how all the RGB items i have to sync together.
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    [Netherlands] Tim Warning

    Lovely job buddy!
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    Mickee Boy

    [Philippines] Michael John Lacerna

    Here is a quick video of the build
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    RGB RAM Covers

    i must have these, mainly because it will save me 100s of dollars buying new RGB RAM
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    [India] Pramod Hambir

    Great build .. wonder what camera u using .. so nice !
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    FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Streaming

    Fifa world cup players can have the full details with these topics. Then we will manage everything for the live streaming dissertation writing reviews. So, you can update all the better index pages and fifa world cup game details.
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    Pre Event Predictions

    have googled a bit for Tim Warning and i like his work, so i vote for him
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    Pre Event Predictions

    I will vote for Tim Warning
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    Pre Event Predictions

    I vote for Rob De Luce!
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    Rom Divina

    Pre Event Predictions

    Voting for Tim Warning. Thanks Thermaltake!
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    Pre Event Predictions

    I will vote for Rob De Luce
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    Pre Event Predictions

    Tim Warning
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    Pre Event Predictions

    Tim Warning
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    Did you download the software?