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  2. Hi Cold5trike, Is this the fan controller you're referring to: If so, does the part I'm circled in green, which I believe says M/B-IN (maybe meaning motherboard input?) is how it's supposed to connect to the motherboard? Based on what I read about the View 37, you can transfer control from the I/O to the motherboard using the RBG button on the case. If this doesn't work, my apologies. I don't own this case but am just trying to help based on what I read. https://www.thermaltake.com/C_00003325.htm Hopefully someone else can chime in with better info.
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  4. I tried something similar to what kromesta did in this thread... What I did: 1. Powered down 2. Unplugged the argb header connected to the view 37 argb controller 3. Powered up 4. Opened Aura 5. Changed the number of LEDs on the unplugged argb header to 120 (that's what the other one is set to) 6. Connected the cable back to the MB header Lo and behold! All lights up and synced! Unfortunately it resets as soon as you power down, sleep, etc. Soooooo close!
  5. So I received the new controller board and the same issue remains. Only a few of the LEDs on the rear fan illuminate. I didn't received the ASUS MB to controller cable like I was told, but I'm certain that isn't the issue anyway. Who knows, it might just be the software. Is there anyone here that isn't complaining about an ASUS MB in combination with this configuration? I can't remember anyone saying they had a GigaByte or MSI MB with the same or similar issue. I do have an open ticket with ASUS which I will pursue further.
  6. My vote goes for Corey Gregory uwu I'm hoping to get those fans they look great,
  7. My 10M Mouse does not right click properly. Will not activate the taskbar when moved in that direction. Acting very strange. Can it be 'reset'?
  8. It's looking and satisfying to watch those TT rgb fans . Those TT fans are best form all other fans. am loving it
  9. All awesome style and customs. But i gotta vote for Jonathan his was relaxing and the type that i would like on my PC ❤️
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  11. Howdy I have just bought a new PSU, iRGB Plus 1250W ToughPower for my awesome TT machine and are ecstatic as a little child for playing with the RGB.. But i found a issue - you provide me a 9 Pins connecter and i can't find out where to connect. I use both Riing Connecters gen1 and lots of other nice RGB units because of my TT water cooling. My issue is, where do i connect the 9 Pins to the motherboard (https://www.asus.com/dk/Motherboards/ROG-MAXIMUS-X-HERO/) Do i need another extention cable or can i add a converter? Can you please help me? Best wishes AJ
  12. I love them all. The burner effect was sick though. Good luck everyone.
  13. OK, so...... its not the controller board. or at least not just the controller board. i just hacked into on of the fans, wired it directly to a connector for 5v, gnd and di on the mobo header (ignored the fan part for testing) purposes. still only got the first led to light up. synced and all, but...... still just 1 led. i've given up on these, and moved on. but i will continue to experiment with the fan and see if i can come up with something for you guys. untill then, i reccomend you all just go spend about 45 bucks on 3 noctua fans [nf-p12 redux 1700] and if you want argb spend another $14 on airgoo digital-rgb led strip kit [2xstrips of 21 for a total of 42 leds, daisy chain as many asa you want] thats what i did, and they look, sound, and work better than the tt fans; plus pwm speed control. grand total 56.59 usd and, btw, i'll never buy tt products again.... mostly because their total lack of support on this and other topics. links: https://www.amazon.com/Noctua-redux-1700-high-Performance-Award-Winning-Affordable/dp/B07CG2PGY6/ref=sr_1_3?crid=2KTBZFHBQAX5&keywords=nf-p12+redux-1700+pwm&qid=1582067931&sprefix=nf-p12%2Caps%2C155&sr=8-3 https://www.amazon.com/Extended-Computer-Magnetic-Digital-RGB/dp/B07DPNNTHJ/ref=pd_bap_rp_3/145-5184626-6275342?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07DPNNTHJ&pd_rd_r=5317e717-4162-4d31-9ef2-c1069e750c5a&pd_rd_w=oQJVS&pd_rd_wg=Wi573&pf_rd_p=a4166a32-d246-48c0-bea1-77c1139b25b4&pf_rd_r=5BVV14QG04DHJ77FHFE7&psc=1&refRID=5BVV14QG04DHJ77FHFE7
  14. My own mind as not professional designer fashion can be really changeable, so what I am doing is looking for trends and making my own mixes. I am in love of buying good fabrics https://tissura.com/catalog/women/business-fabrics and then come up with your own fashion, which is very in demand among my many friends and already a large number of customers!
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