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  2. It’s my first time cleaning the front panel of my case but I’ve tried putting my hand on the bottom and pulling it but it doesn’t work is there another way I can take the front panel off?
  3. Please I need help I have the same case and i tried it but it doesn’t work it’s my first time trying to clean the front panel but it doesn’t come off is there another way if not how hard should I pull?
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  7. Suggestions (or am I missing something?) When iTake loads at system startup, hide your obnoxious logo. It's only a mouse pad. I don't need your flashing logo every boot. Can I save the RGB preset to the mouse pad? Then I would not need the software to load at all unless I want to change the colors. Every other RGB device I have does this. Once saved to the device it uses that config immediately after the PC is turned on. For the mouse pad it has to sit there rainbow cycling until I login, then your software loads, then it decides to finally show the profile I setup. Can I
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  11. when is a software application published that unites all hardware? i own 8+ different applications for LED and controlling. Thermaltake DPS - power supply Thermaltake thoughram- 4x RAM Thermaltake RGB plus - Case fans and luckily head-stand (iTAKE software) and yes, power supply. Case and FANS. All in one CPU cooler. Thermaltake iTake - headset stand ASUS - mainboard, grafic (okay nvidia) in addition keyboard, mouse, mousepad. soundbar (ok not ur fault since u sell these) PLEASE - one application for Thermaltake incl driver and ASUS integration (or Raze
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  15. My Tt Core P5 Open Frame case didn't come with the vertical GPU mounting bracket & riser cable or the reservoir pump stand bracket do you guys supply these as replacements?
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