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  1. Greetings! Dear, do not need tell me "tales" about microsoft! I'm a user with more than 25 years experience, can say more: i'm a technician programmer, of course, i figured out the problem and solved it. Although, my fifth point strongly "burn" - approximately as in this picture: But at the same time - i can with confidently say, that the code for the program wrote the Indians with hands curved - this fact no doubt. Also i do not understand - why the device does not see Linux ?! Who ever came up with a similar realization ?! Would not it be logical - be integrated into the power supply watchdog, which has a hardware implementation ?! Be kind enough to answer my questions! Still with respect, MrMangust. I thought that the power supply will be: https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Сторожевой_таймер
  2. Hi to all! Sorry, but I badly speak English. Your program does not work under windose 10 or under ubuntu! It is clear that under no ubuntu software no why he was doing so crooked, I can not understand! Ubuntu does not even see the device .. What is the benefit of using this power supply if it is only through a program that curve and not a #### thing does not work!?! I've always liked your company's products, but this product - this is some sad #### done Krivorukov Indians!!! How can it ever be that Linux does not see the iron?! I thought that the power supply is vachdog, but it turned out that there must understand that #### is. Why was it necessary to use a flash player that nobody uses because it is a leaky stuff, I also can not understand..?