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  1. Volos: Sensor Firmware Update

    i'll post all the information i managed to gather for anyone interested and i'll just say that i ended up having no expectations from this, so there is no pressure ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FIRMWARE RELEASES actually, the original designer of the sensor (Avago ADNS 9800 laser sensor also known as Pix Art A9800 was actually developed using a Kickstarter campaign which is still visible on Kickstarter) has unofficially released the firmware/sroms here: https://github.com/mrjohnk/ADNS-9800/tree/master/Alternate%20Firmware according to information he exchanged with other colleagues, the A6 firmware version should be the one that fixed the input lag problem ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PROBLEM DESCRIPTION - the problem with that sensor is unmanagable input lag exhibited with the original firmware/srom - a firmware update released afterwards fixes this issue so obviously mice using this sensor fall into three categories: - mice with the old firmware, that cannot be updated with the new firmware, which were and will remain faulty - mice with the old firmware, that can be updated with the new firmware, so they were faulty but they can be fixed - mice with the new firmware, which are already fixed and will remain functional ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OFFICIAL CONFIRMATION FROM OTHER MANUFACTURERS the original source of information is lost because Avago has been bought by Pix Art Imaging and the information is no longer available on their website, same goes for the old Logitech forums which have changed address now but there is official confirmation of the issue by other mice manufacturers since all mice using the same laser sensor exhibited the same problem: - post #10, Corsair Support Personnel: http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=120261 - post #6, EVGA Product Manager: http://forums.evga.com/Avago-9800-why-m2091787.aspx (correction: the issue is input lag and not acceleration as is mentioned) so, Corsair and EVGA released the firmware update for their products and the issue was fixed on their products - but Logitech actually had to produce new mice (G600) with the new firmware because the first ones didn't have flashable firmware options and they couldn't be updated with the new firmware - old forums have been wiped i can't provide a link with that information ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTIONS so, the question is, which firmware is used in Volos and if it is the faulty old one like i suspect, can the new firmware be flashed into it or not? thank you for your time
  2. Volos: Sensor Firmware Update

    thnx for your reply, the discussions about this sensor are a few years old so i'll see if i can find the specifics of the update and i'll reply here
  3. Volos: Sensor Firmware Update

    PM = Product Management? ok, i will be waiting for you response here plz don't forget to reply, i obviously can't buy this product without information on this matter, thnx
  4. hi, im interested in purchasing Volos but i read it's using the Avago ADNS-9800 laser sensor i know this sensor originally came with faulty firmware and later Avago released a fix i believe the fix was released after Volos had been released which makes me assume that Volos comes with the faulty firmware but i don't see anything related in the Volos' updates section can Volos be flashed/updated with the new firmware and how? thank you for your time