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  1. VENTUS X Optical RGB Owner's club

    Just want to let you and others browsing here know a lot of discussion/reviews/posts about this mouse are located here: http://www.overclock.net/t/1601975/tt-esports-ventus-x-optical-3360-announced It's funny because you see the thread before its released go to speculation "It's heavy, looks silly" and turns into people actually getting it and going "I love it" Just be careful any thermaltake employees the first few pages aren't the nicest posts.. but then the thread gets really good at the end where all the users are happy with it Enjoy all!
  2. VENTUS X Optical RGB Owner's club

    Hello David, First and foremost thank you to you and the team for resolving this issue. I just want to confirm with you that this does fix the problem and the mouse remembers the correct performance settings upon both restarts and unplugging the device.
  3. VENTUS X Optical RGB Owner's club

    Just an update on the situation.. I contacted your social media guy on facebook (or girl) whomever - and they said they got in touch with the PM (I assume that's product manager) and said they will able to reproduce the mouse not remembering the DPI step - not sure if this applies to everything not being remembered but he/she mentioned that it had to do with me using such a low dpi step and that it will be patched. I'm hoping it will resolve the issue
  4. VENTUS X Optical RGB Owner's club

    Hey just picked up this mouse and had it arrive yesterday. Overall solid performer but not ready to leave a review yet (will do so here and on other sites) The software is a little unpolished and not too intuitive (command center) but disregarding that for now I'm having one issue I can't seem to resolve on my own. Upon every time I shut off my computer or restart when I turn it back on the mouse is using a different DPI step than the one I assigned. I have to re-open the command center and click on the profile I'm using for it to re-apply the settings and then it's where I want it to be. So I figured maybe the mouse is defaulting to a different profile - so I set every single profile #1-5 to the same exact settings. I restart again and still the same issue, it reverts to some higher dpi step (feels like something over 800 lower than 1600). When I swap to any of the profiles (which are all the same exact settings) it applies the settings but then I cannot hit the 'apply' or 'ok' button at the bottom of the program unless I make a change then it works - regardless it still resets. There appears to be no 'save to mouse' button anywhere - I only see a delete profile, create new profile, import, and export. Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is my biggest gripe having to re-apply the profile again and again. I believe it to be a software problem. For reference my settings are as follows All buttons - default DPI Button - disabled LEDs - disabled LOD - Low Angle Snapping - Off Button delay - 2 notches above 4ms, I assume it either goes up in intervals of 1 or 2ms - since it starts with 4ms and ends with 32ms I assume it's 2? So 8ms? 1 DPI Level DPI: 400 This setting is the same for profiles 1-5, yet it resets every time when my pc turns on. It appears the mouse has something else saved to memory and it only uses those settings temporarily Edit: Just want to update you that I've tried Disabling profiles 2-5 and only leaving profile #1 enabled with one dpi step of 400. Didn't work Made 5 dpi levels and set all of them to 400, didn't work The only workaround I've found is setting profile #1 and #2 to enabled and making them a copy of each other (same settings) then when my pc boots on I hit the 'profile switch' button and it will cycle to profile 1 or 2. Then it will be using the proper settings. However after every shutdown/restart the mouse defaults to a high LOD, default click-delay, and a very high dpi.. 1200-2000ish? I have tried everything I can think of and it still will not save the 'performance' steps.. I mean they exist because I can get to them with the profile button.. but there's some type of thing the mouse is defaulting too upon every reboot and I cannot figure out what it is.