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  1. Will an EK Predator 360 fit in the TOP of TT View 31?

    RAM isn't a concern at all in the View 31. The top mounting holes are offset so far, a previous builder on YT used a 60mm Radiator + fans and had no issues at all. My concern is the EK Predator has the pump and reservoir added onto the end of the radiator, giving it added length over 360mm.
  2. I have an idea for a case that I'd like to work with TT to study it's feasibility. Where to talk about it and will they listen?
  3. Title says it all. The EK Predator has the pump and reservoir attached to the end of the radiator making the total length 415mm. If someone here owns a View 31 and could take a measurement for me, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm looking to see if the distance from the end 120m mounting hole to the wall of the case is at least 50mm.