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  1. Mouse and Keyboard RGB sync

    That's a shame really. I bought this set specifically cause I thought you could sync the mouse and keyboard. Funny thing is, the mouse and the keyboard both have three speed settings for the spectrum running, so just synchronizing the speeds really shouldn't have been/be too hard.
  2. Mouse and Keyboard RGB sync

    There is no info here about how to sync up the colors in spectrum running mode. And btw, in the Optical Sensor section of this page, the sentence " OMRON switches provide a crisp clean click with " is repeated twice.
  3. Mouse and Keyboard RGB sync

    I bought the eSport Challenger Prime combo yesterday, and I am digging them thus far. The only thing that is bothering me right now is that I can't seem to figure out how to make the rgb lights on the mouse and the keyboard to sync up. Getting them to stay on the same color through the software is no issue, but I'd like them to be on the "spectrum running" function and to be in sync. Is there anyway to do this? or am I doomed to have them running in different colors till the end of time? Thanks in advance for any help.