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  1. VENTUS X Optical RGB Owner's club

    Np glad it worked so well! Btw I already mailed this to the official EU email address list (info@thermaltake.eu), but haven't gotten a reaction so far. Just a heads up; these domains listed on the website have been down for some time:Italy : http://it.thermaltake.euNetherlands : http://nl.thermaltake.euSpain : http://es.thermaltake.eu Might be whise to fix it or just unlist them from the main site
  2. VENTUS X Optical RGB Owner's club

    I have uninstalled the old driver, installed the new driver and indeed it asked me if I wanted to upgrade. Did that and together with the new software, all 3 of the bugs seem to have been resolved. Thanks!
  3. VENTUS X Optical RGB Owner's club

    Was wondering, are there any updates?
  4. VENTUS X Optical RGB Owner's club

    I really have no clue what you mean. Do you mean the settings, per button? In that case, see the screenshots below. I left those settings alone so they are set as they are by default, after installing. Edit: oh I think I know what you mean now M1 = Left mouse button M2 = Right mouse button M3 = Scrollwheel button
  5. VENTUS X Optical RGB Owner's club

    Here's a screenshot of my Command Center button bindings (not using any macro's btw):
  6. VENTUS X Optical RGB Owner's club

    Hey there, another proud owner of the TT Ventus X RGB optical reporting in. I love this mouse, however, I wanted to report a couple of bugs that I have not seen listed in this thread yet. I've already sent a mail about this but haven't heard from anyone so far. The bugs have been confirmed by at least 3 other people as can be read in the topic on OC.net starting from this post: http://www.overclock.net/t/1601975/tt-esports-ventus-x-optical-3360-announced/420#post_25991574(next couple of pages contain info on the bugs) The issues: Pressing M3 and either M1 or M2 at excatly the same time, the M1 or M2 will get stuck. Easiest way to reproduce: start paint, choose 2 different colors, press M3 + M1. I can reproduce it half the times I try this, the button gets stuck. Same goes for M3 + M2 (choose another color), you will see it gets stuck until M1 (or M2) gets pressed. Pressing M3 again will not fix it. When M3 + M5 is pressed, the mouse cycles to the next profile, like it mimics the dpi button functionality. I can cycle through all my (3) profiles with it and see the color profiles light up when doing that. This behaviour does not occur for M3 + M4. Pressing and holding M3 and THEN pressing other buttons (M1, M2, M4) causes them to fail to register. All except M5, which has another issue (see item 2). Firmware Version: 1.06 Software Version: (I've downloaded the version from the website prior to this but that didn't help, was ~2 months ago, don't remember the version). So far I've seen reports from people with 1.06 and also 1.07 firmware, and multiple different versions of the software. These issues make the mouse pretty unusable for people needing the M3 button. Is there any news about an update?