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  1. View 31 dust filters

    Unfortunately Phanteks cases aren't available in Brazil. Also, I thought the View 31/Core x31 side panels sealed the case; at least in the reviews I've read/watched I didn't realize any gap between glass and frame. Well... I think I'll keep my TT Tsunami for some time until I find out something that works as expected by someone who faces dust problems.
  2. View 31 dust filters

    In fact that micro perforated filter isn't the best solution to prevent dust inside the case. My options here in Brazil are limited. The NZXT S340 has no top filter (I can get a magnetic one) and HDD cage isn't ventilated (I still have one 3.5 HDD). The Corsair 460x is a pain in terms of cable management and the top filter is similar to the View 31 (front filter is a fine mesh, just like TT bottom filter). The Corsair 570X has only fine mesh filters but the side panels doesn't "seal" the case; there are gaps everywhere.
  3. View 31 dust filters

    I've found more information, @DaddyBeee. Indeed there seems to be a filter but it follows the top filter mesh.
  4. View 31 dust filters

    That's the mesh of TT Tsunami front filter. @DaddyBeee, isn't the View 31 front filter mesh (under side grill) similar to it? :/
  5. View 31 dust filters

    Thanks for your answer, DaddyBeee. I think I'll get a case from another brand. Indeed I can't give up good dust filters.
  6. View 31 dust filters

    Is that serious? Do you have the View 31 RGB? I really liked its modularity when using the F31 Suppressor Psu Cover. When you talk about the dust filters, do you mean they don't really do a good job?
  7. View 31 dust filters

    Hi! I'm about to buy the View 31 RGB and, after reading the few existent reviews on that case, something has worried me a bit: front/top dust filters. Although the marketing photos really suggest those filters haven't a fine mesh, I hadn't paid attention to it until reading a review on the Core X31: http://www.allround-pc.com/artikel/gehaeuse/2016/test-thermaltake-core-x31-rgb-edition After taking a look at that review, it seems, indeed, the mesh of top and front filters aren't that great, which makes me think it's a situation faced in the View 31 as well. Unfortunately dust is a big problem for me and quality filters are something I have to rely on. I've also searched a lot about Corsair 460X e 570X and it seems their filters are exactly what users expect: they seem just like the front filter of my 11yrs old TT Tsunami. But, definitely, the corsair cases aren't so modular as TT ones. So, I'd like to have your opinion on front/top filters of View 31/Core X31 as I think they can be a major concern for me. Thanks in advance and sorry for any language mistake.