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  1. Floe Riing 240 Premium

    I just got a replacement from Thermaltake, 2 controllers and some wiring, I first replaced the 2nd one because the software was giving me a message saying Warning Controller 2 and I cant seem to control controller 2 although the fans are working, I got the same warning message, so I replaced the 2nd controller, got the same message. In fact controller 1 is not highlighted now and controller 2 is red in color,meaning theres something wrong. I am very certain that this will be my last purchased from Thermaltake, never had so many problems from a pc parts purchased before, and I think I am justified about warning others on spending theyre hard earned money on something thats faulty.
  2. Floe Riing 240 Premium

    Following your instructions, I think out of 3 controllers, 2 are faulty, only the one that came with the Floe 240mm is working, the other 2 that came with the set of 3 fans spins the fans but cant be detected by the software. Specs are as follows. OS Windows 10 Pro (updated) CPU Intel Core i7 8700k M/board Asus Z370E Ram GSkill Trident Z RGB 4 X 8Gb 3600MHz HDD: 2X 1Tb Samsung SM961 Raid 0 GPU Asus ROG Strix 1080Ti OC PSU Corsair Ax1200i Running 8 X Riing RGB 120mm fans in total including the 2 on the Floe Riing Thanks again
  3. Floe Riing 240 Premium

    Thanks for the reply, yes I did set the dip switch accordingly, and the daisy chain connection is from 4 pin to usb right? I'll check on the loose wiring again. Wished the wiring for the Riing RGB is a little thinner. For the Corsairs's, Im using the HD120 RGB's, given that the double wiring is a little messy, but i got it to work as I intended. Thanks again BT
  4. Floe Riing 240 Premium

    Im using Corsair on another pc, not as buggy as this.
  5. Floe Riing 240 Premium

    Im using the AIO Floe Riing 240 Premium and trying to connect 2 controllers, it cant seem to detect the 2nd controller despite me connecting the 2nd controller via the bridge cable. Sometimes it doesnt even detect the first controller, says Error code H_0X0001
  6. TT FLOE 360

    Hi, Can someone tell me the exact height of the above radiator, the specs says 360mm, which can't be right. Thanks