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  1. Well, Today I was checking the gear that We got at gaming House and then I relize that We got some volos mouses My GF using this mouse and she loved this model
  2. Well Frather, I used for some timess VEntus- IT's really good mouse Buddy
  3. Today i met with my friend and they were testing out TTeSPORTS gears. I can say that they join to a group of people amazed about TTeSPORTS gears!
  4. Well like I said before, I used M10 Level Advance, but also ssome mouses came to GamingHouse ( VOLOS) it looks really nice, maybe some day I will test it also
  5. Well who of You got SCHOCK 3D ?? Im asking cuz I'm thinking about buying the new set, can You recommand that ?
  6. Well, some holidays, but I took my mouse that I got from Tt eSports (Level 10M advance) and still using for playing Amazing Mouse really!
  7. Hello, Well I jut repack all staff from Tt eports that came to GamingHoue and I have to admit that really thi Poseidon Z keyboard is just great ! oon WIll upload photos for You here
  8. Today i am visitng my hometown but i never move anywhere without my Tt gears They are the best for work and just for chilling out
  9. I have to agree with You frather, the backpacks are really cool. I was with this Backpack at 2 lans and all ppl was watching me and some came and asking where They can buy it
  10. If You want, You can check nnew movie from myRevenge at fanpage about op[ening this keyboard by Kretka I'd love this video
  11. I have to agree, at my "eSport way" also I used to Tt gear and it was amazing. Even right now I'm using that to casual playing
  12. Well I have say that TT Gear is really AWSOME! I just back from IEM Katowice to our Gaming House and I see that many packs with staff from TT ARRIVE !!!
  13. Well, I was thinking which Gaming Chair will be better to buy ^^ X fit or X comfort Did someone use of of this and can say some about hoiw it was etc ?
  14. kretka which Gear You mean ? ITbh I saw keyboard MEKA (?) it's look really nice ^^
  15. I have to say You Semper, that really this LAN Event was great !! Many ppl asking us about TT EsportS gear cuz Kretka use full set
  16. Helllooo, Sorry but I was at LAN Event at Poland (League of Legends) "Event Warta Gaming 2017" where I get 2nd place with my team Ofc I'm using the mouse from TT eSports Level 10M Advanced and I have to say that was realllly great!!! Even after each match players/viewers came and ask about this mouse HEre is the link to the radio station page and ofc we are at front photo to this article Link: http://www.nasze.fm/news,24133
  17. @Semper It's never too early ^^ I think soon we will hear about him, if He start use TT gear Well, at friday I'm casting the Korean Chall series, last time was 50 viewers, I used the cronos AD from my girlfriend- Really I enjoy this headset!!! /
  18. Hehe, sorry Semper that I answer now, but I was quiet Busy ^^ Well I think if You buy for thim some TT Gear he will be in 4/5 years proplayer, oone of the most popular at Germany
  19. First of all, Happy New Year to all of You !!! I hope that next Year will be better than 2016 for TT eSports and myRevenge Gaming / @Semp3r Which gear from TT do You want buy for him ?? Cuz I havew to tell You, that I saw last time at online shop the Poseizon RGN keyboard- it looks reallly cool
  20. Well, I buy a gamingmouse Ventus X for my brother Do You think he will enjoy this mouse same like me ??
  21. Well, for gamers I think best will be gear, but mouse or keyboard, some sales are comming on TTESPORTS? Somebody knows?
  22. Well, my old headset was pretty cool, but when I play once with CRONOS ( I guess it was CRONOS AD ) Then I feel much better with hearing steps of enemies at CS:GO Also the illumination (the red one) is amazing ;D So Semper You also think that this headset will be good for X-mas present :> ??
  23. Gratz Beni to You and Your's boys @Semper I hear that this headset which You get is really cool, did You play CS:GO or other games where sound is importnat? How it is going?
  24. Well, I have to admit That Kretka Poseidon Z is great. I play sometimes on this keyboard and it's much better then others keyboards ( blue Switch ROX )
  25. Huh, pretty nice gear You get from TT eSports Buddy ! Maybe also I will make a picture and show You all how my looks ofc got only Level 10M advance, but yee