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Everything posted by FlowMods

  1. Some cable management! Added two switches for the pumps and connected the two fan controllers to the psu with custom cables ;D Soon there will be some news!
  2. Hi all! I made a modify to the case top to fill the loops! And... tested the first loop!
  3. Pumps sleeved and cables fixed under the case
  4. First loop finished! Waiting the VGA WB to complete the second! ASAP the leak test
  5. Finally the custom plate with channels and reservoir is ready!
  6. Hi all! I modified the 4 way fittings in 5 way! Now i am going on with the two loops, everything fits very well Also made some cable management for the fans controllers under the bottom of the case! Stay tuned ;D
  7. Pumps, flowmeters and first tubes mounted!
  8. BIG UP! First parts assembled and... this is the result! I really like it.. What do you guys think? Next step is building the loop and making the cable management! Stay tuned
  9. Acrylic plates painted in black and ready to be assembled!
  10. Acrylic plates sanded and painted in matt black
  11. Here is it! Laser cutted acrylic parts are here! I assembled to test the measures and everything seems to be ok! I really like it.. Tomorrow I am gonna paint them.. What do you think about?
  12. Here is it! The new plate with channels and reservoirs! Unfortunately, due to some technical problem, i had to change plans and remove the pumps from the plate.. they will be mounted under that plate, on the bottom of the case
  13. Def panels! Now working on the oblique plate! Soon new updates ;D
  14. First acrylic parts arrived.. The mobo plate and radiator supports will be black painted Stay tuned!
  15. Today i removed the front side of the case.. it will be an open case Stay tuned!
  16. Creating oblique support for the acrylic plate with integrated reservoirs, channels and pump holders
  17. Awesome! Last package received by Thermaltake Technology Inc ! Here is the hardware for Project Flux! - Intel Core i7 7700k - ASUS Republic of Gamers Maximus IX Code - ASUS Republic of Gamers GTX 1070 Strix - V-Color Technology Inc. 240Gb M2 SSD - V-Color Technology Inc. 4x4GB DDR4 @2133Mhz Can't wait to fit everything inside The Tower! Stay tuned! Thank you to all the companies for the support in this event!
  18. Announcing new sponsor! Thank you Icemodz.com for the sleeving material!
  19. Design in progress! Stay tuned