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  1. frio parts cpl0564 first gen

    hello, tried emailing support, but guess i used wrong email, so an automatic reply saying that support guy won't be in office for a few more weeks, so if anyone here, i'll repost hello, i was wondering if you guys have any parts for my old frio cooler i know its been a long time since i bought it, during 2009, got it from newegg for my old x58 socket 1366 build product is thermaltake frio item code CLP05641005026266 i have been using it on my x58 build for the last 5-6 years now, the 2 fans are working great, but the rpm adjustment knobs have fallen off just did a quick fix of rewiring solved it, its been a great cooler and keeps my temp good. so now i want to do a skylake build socket 1151, and i don't have the 2 metal parts to convert to 115x sockets, hoping my old trusty frio will work with new skylake. i still have the back plate and 4 nuts from my x58 1366 build, been a long while so misplaced the other parts. so my questions are, is my frio clp0546 compatible with skylake socket 1151? will this cooler with 2 fans on do any damage to skylake cpu as i've heard some heavy coolers can cause cpu bending?, and if my good old trusty frio will work with 1151 socket how do i go by onto getting replacement brackets to convert my now 1366 frio to a 1151 frio. i really don't want to buy a new cooler, since this frio hasn't let me down, and due to expensive can't really afford to buy a whole new cooler. so is there anyway possible to get parts to covert my old faithful frio to accommodate new skylake socket 1151, i know my warranty is way past due, so could there a be a reasonable prices to obtain these parts the 2 brackets for socket 1151 and maybe some O rings or spacers. i know its a long shot, but just wanted to give a try, lots of other new air coolers around for $20-$30 , but i dont really have that much nor are those coolers seems to be as good as my old frio. well if you guys at thermaltake can respond back to me, even if its not possible for replacement parts, i would still like an reply, please email me at lowaxqaib@gmail.com thank you thermaltake Wa Xiong